CRM For Startups Guide For 2023: Best Features To Look For

There are a few key things you can use to determine if a platform will be a good fit for your needs. Another way to whittle down the plethora of companies is to set a budget at the onset to give you search parameters. This will give you a clear ceiling and eliminate options that live outside your predetermined budget.

best crm for startups

Seamless navigation between different boards and an intuitive UI also helps startups boost team collaboration. Whether it’s going viral on Instagram or trending on Tiktok, when the leads start pouring in, pen, paper, and small business tools won’t cut it. Unlikely.A CRM can help you make the best of your viral moments by organizing your data and helping you scale with demand. It eliminates guesswork and prevents leads from falling through the cracks. Greater clarity and productivity will lead to more sales and a better customer experience. A CRM for startups is an all-in-one software that simplifies managing distributed business operations such as sales, marketing, and customer service.

The Key Benefits of CRMs for Startups Why You Need One

It lets you visualize your team’s milestones and deadlines and run email marketing campaigns. The best CRM for startups can help your agile team stay coordinated and focused. The main goal of your startup should be to grow and develop, and you will definitely need effective CRM software to do that. These tools let you provide better service to your customers and capture valuable insights into what your clients want. A CRM helps move your small business sales from reactive to proactive.

best crm for startups

And when you’re ready for more, you can purchase paid add-on packages to unlock more sophisticated features that you may need as your business grows. Since its debut in 2004, SugarCRM has become renowned for its robust automation and advanced features, serving big names like CBRE and Sennheiser. Though it’s among the costlier platforms, starting at $49 per user per month, it offers extensive customization, 24-hour support, and integrations. It lets you manage customer data, sales, projects, and even offers a generous free version that comes with unlimited leads, deals, contacts, and companies. Bitrix24’s ease of use and robust features can take your business communication and collaboration to new heights, all within your budget.

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Data estimates that using a CRM system can increase a business’s cross-selling and up-selling revenue by 39%. Therefore, service, sales and marketing departments leverage the software. Some systems, like Agile CRM, centralize all activities, whereas others, such as Zendesk, have separate products (Zendesk Service and Zendesk Sell). A CRM is a database that holds contact information for prospects, leads and customers.

best crm for startups

Likewise, mobile apps let sales agents connect with leads and close deals from anywhere. Its vast resources and capabilities make it the best CRM service for enterprises. Territory management, gamification and forecasts built on real-time data give sales managers and teams critical information to make informed decisions and close deals. However, smaller teams will find that Zoho’s free and Lite plans lack AI and automation tools, whereas higher tier plans cost more than some other CRM services. Zoho CRM doesn’t provide 24/7 support unless you purchase an add-on premium or enterprise service package.


At any moment, you can know where your pipeline stands with dashboards and sales forecasting. The core function of a CRM is the ability to store and organize customer data within the system, with customizable fields that fit your needs. You should be able to pull up a contact and company’s information at a moment’s notice and view your full contact history with that individual. You need a system that integrates marketing, sales, and service seamlessly. You need an easy-to-use interface that any new employee can log into and start using without days of training.

It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to help businesses manage their customer relationships, track sales, and boost productivity. The CRM you pick for your startup must be intuitive, affordable, and have all the necessary features to help your sales, marketing, and customer support teams shine. Monday sales CRM is no ordinary customer relationship management platform; it offers stellar CRM functions to skyrocket the growth of your business.

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Pipedrive doesn’t restrict the amount of pipelines businesses can customize. However, feature usage limits apply at the company and user level for custom fields, open deals and active automations. The good news for startups in the market for CRM software is that there is a wide range of providers that offer free forever plans. These options, while quite limited, can get you started at absolutely no charge, so you can continue to keep costs low while building your base. In fact, Zoho CRM, Freshsales Suite, and monday CRM all offer some kind of free plan that offers enough functionality to manage some of your business needs. It can be hard to find a business software that fits your particular needs as a startup, which is why customizability was considered a valuable feature in our research.

  • Monday sales CRM uses a simple “If X, then Y “logic, where users can customize both parameters to suit their needs.
  • These features streamline communication, enhance customer engagement, and simplify managing a growing contact list.
  • It’s deal-oriented, and lets you visualize the entire sales process from start to finish, which can help eliminate second-guessing within teams.
  • A customer relationship management platform is the perfect solution as it simplifies the process of monitoring and managing relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

As with all of our products, you can try monday sales CRM for free — really, no credit card required — for a two-week trial. You’ll explore a platform that can be truly customized to fit your startup’s unique sales cycle and boost productivity. Startups can’t afford to blow their money on a host of “premium” tools they won’t use.

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It is important to identify exactly who will be using the system and why. Sales and marketing departments are generally the main users of CRM software, however, every department should have input in the decision-making process for the system to work seamlessly. Ask each team member what their needs are and how they think the software system could help them perform their duties.

This powerful marketing CRM program gives you a holistic view of all your customer data and leads. It lets you build a comprehensive profile for all your customers, including their communication history, personal interest, and lead scores. Really Simple Systems offers one of ico development company the best reporting tools for small businesses to keep your clients at the center of your business and anticipate all their needs. The centralized dashboard lets you visualize all your critical appointments in a calendar view, helping you follow up on your leads quickly.

Step 6: Research Top CRM Platforms

This gives you an instant view into the actual; and expected values, thus offering an accurate sales forecasting report. This CRM software gives you complete visibility into your sales reps activity in real-time. The clean, visual dashboard offered by the software gives you an up-to-minute view of the entire marketing pipeline. You also get access to insightful reports on sales activity and employee performance. Make your business fully integrated by connecting your data and devices across your business. You can easily sync contacts and trigger automations with integrations, including Quickbooks and Shopify.

Email and text templates, sales automation tools and smart insights save sales representatives time. Salesmate’s all-in-one approach eliminates the need for separate calling software. It lets companies reach leads in over 90 countries, making it the best CRM service with built-in global voice and text communications. Salesforce offers multi-language support for international employees and case management tools for fast issue resolution. The developer sandbox and web services APIs (application programming interfaces) allow organizations to integrate Salesforce into existing systems and extend functionality. Sales managers can predict sales and send leads to the right reps with customizable dashboards and territory tools.

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Monday sales CRM offers 72+ integrations, including Gmail, Slack, and Dropbox, so you can get all your work done on one platform. Monday sales CRM provides all these insights and more to help startups create a professional plan for current and future campaigns. The CRM market is booming, with its market size expected to reach $128.97 billion by 2028. For startups, a good CRM is essential as a centralized system to manage customer relations and sales processes — especially when they have big dreams backed by tight budgets. When your teams across departments can access data instantly, customers won’t have to wait around for answers. You can boost employee productivity and improve the customer experience simultaneously.

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